burn fiercely

See: deflagrate
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Now the fire began to burn fiercely, and the regiment filed in and took its place in ranks.
But now the fires of her old wrongs flamed up in her breast and began to burn fiercely.
She was naively delighted over this, and gleefully recounted each new conquest to Anne and Priscilla, with comments that might have made the unlucky lover's ears burn fiercely.
The flames of war burn fiercely in the Middle East and then there is Putin.
And McGeady says the fires still burn fiercely but are now contained within a far calmer exterior.
Wheelie bin fires burn fiercely and can easily spread to property and in the past have a tragically cost livei s.
Even if you disregard the pounds 800,000 on offer for every place up the table the pair can finish, not to mention the professional pride that ought to burn fiercely within every Premier League footballer's chest, there is still plenty to play for this season.
An opened-out newspaper would be spread across the shovel so that a strong draught was drawn up through the little fire, making it burn fiercely.
As dust is readily ignited and can burn fiercely or explode, the dust extraction systems also had to be designed with ATEX regulations in mind.
Investigations are continuing into Puffer Balls, which once lit, can burn fiercely for 10 minutes.
He said: "It starts off as a nuisance but the bins are close to people's back yards and burn fiercely.