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He is holding a shovel, and by the looks of it, he and his partner are ready to work on Galecki's burned down property.
Firemen from the Oton fire station tried to put out the fire but the vehicle was already almost burned down when they arrived in Barangay Polo Maestra Vita where the vehicle was abandoned.
An administration block that included a science centre was burned down at the North-West University's campus in the city of Mahikeng on Wednesday night, a university spokesman said.
In between those attacks, another Roman Catholic church was also burned down, according to human rights group Alliance of United North Sumatra.
In Naryn, due to violations of fire safety rules, the Audi-100 car burned down together with the documents.
The antique church of Tal Hermez, considered one of the oldest churches in Syria, was also burned down.
Local mayor Costas Levantis told TV channel Star that one house has burned down.
In the biggest fire in recent weeks, a large section of the Estehban Forest in Fars Province burned down.
He said he was the one that got it burned down and he had paid someone to do it.
A day earlier, another mob burned down a mosque and 50 homes in the nearby town of Yamethin, state television reported.
When the markets were burned down, liquor stores were burned down, everything was burned down, people had nowhere to go, they came to us," says Nick Benetatos, who took over the restaurant in 1989 after his father retired.
Every year, a giant traditional Christmas goat is erected in the central square in Gavle, 175 kilometres north of Stockholm, and almost every year it is burned down.