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BURNING. Vide Accident; Arson; Fire, accidental.

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Alastor is Shelley's "autonarration" of his unsettled relationship to "poetry," which he wants to conceive Romantically as pure idealism, what Browning calls "subjective poetry" or the "Ideas of Plato, seeds of creation, lying burningly on the Divine Hand.
She also shares her childhood memories of delectable home-made Bulgarian banitsa and her new experience with burningly spicy meatballs.
In this latest disc, Decca added four different songs: the beautiful winter love song "Winterweihe" and the much loved "Zueignung" (Dedication); also on the new CD are three highlights from "Ariadne auf Naxos" and the burningly passionate "Zweite Brautnacht" (Second Wedding Night) aria from Die Agyptische Helena.