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However, if the number of entrances is used as an index of beaver burrowing activity and density it can be a reliable indicator.
They concluded that: (1) breeding occurred during the fall and winter, (2) burrowing activity was largely limited between fall and late spring when the habitat was wet and (3) crayfish aestivated when the habitat was dry.
Burrowing trials were conducted using a ten gallon tank filled with about 10 cm of substrate (washed sand).
The burrowing owl is one of our charismatic birds, it's a symbol of the wide open spaces we once had in Southern California," said Daniel Cooper, a conservation biologist, who owns Pasadena-based Cooper Ecological Monitoring Inc.
To all appearances, just another family of burrowing owls, eking out its quiet, rural living somewhere on the dry plains of the West.
People are trying to help burrowing owls by protecting land where owls still live.
Almost as soon as the burrow is finished, rabbits, eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, burrowing owls, beetles and three different species of flies move in.
Under the final rule, EPA will continue to require sediment testing using at least two sensitive marine species that must collectively represent three characteristics -- burrowing, filter feeding and deposit feeding -- that make them susceptible to exposure to sediment contaminents.
Moreover, burrowing animals are worldwide ecologically important as their actions provide shelter or breeding habitat for many other animals and thus add up valuable contribution to increase species diversity (Hansell, 1993).
Furthermore, burrowing by loricariids may enhance rates of erosion, thereby increasing sediment loads (Nico et al.
Fifteen Western Burrowing Owls (Athene cunicularia hypugaea) were captured over two winters (2001-2003) in southern Texas and examined for ectoparasites.