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Far below the levels to which we can take the rykors is a vast network of burrows where the real life of the kaldane is lived.
In the common mole the eye is extraordinarily small but perfect, though many anatomists doubt whether it is connected with the true optic nerve; its vision must certainly be imperfect, though probably useful to the animal when it leaves its burrow.
What Kaa did not know about the Middle Jungle, as they call it,--the life that runs close to the earth or under it, the boulder, burrow, and the tree-bole life,--might have been written upon the smallest of his scales.
As if to emphasize it he turned and entered his burrow.
For a little while the light in the burrow vanished, and they heard the sound of his crawling.
But Umslopogaas, having peered once more down the burrow, said: "Hold, Galazi; I will go first
Then he crawled forward a little space and saw that he was coming to the inner mouth of the burrow, but that the shadow was deep there because of a great mass of rock which lay before the burrow shutting out the light.
Let us make an end: run, some of you, and find stones to stop the burrow, for now the sport is done.
They lay in a fluffy bed of rabbit wool and hay, in a shallow burrow, separate from the main rabbit hole.
Bouncer smoked another pipe, and gave Tommy Brock a cabbage leaf cigar which was so very strong that it made Tommy Brock grin more than ever; and the smoke filled the burrow.
They began to burrow a yard or two lower down the bank.
The house is still but a sort of porch at the entrance of a burrow.