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In the present financial situation, bursars and business managers are going to be increasingly influential as school budgets come under pressure.
The university has emphatically said it would not recognise any bursar appointed in contravention of the university ordinances," she added.
Mr Orange said: "St Chad's has about 300 students and as bursar Mrs Starkey's responsibility covered all financial matters.
The bursar is described in the Rites of Durham, written in 1593, as controlling all the receipts and expenses of the house [Fowler, 1903, p.
The bursar added: "Subsequently, one of the girls went to Perth Royal Infirmary as a precaution measure.
Kath Hall, the school's bursar, said: "Our DT facilities have needed updating for quite some time and we have struggled to gather together enough funds - now our prayers have been answered.
Dennis Dubro, an Opus Dei member for 17 years, including 13 as a numerary, left the organization after its leadership pressured him to conceal dishonest accounting practices while he served as bursar for an Opus Dei residence in Australia.
Giving evidence at an employment tribunal in Cardiff yesterday, Mr Moisan, the school's accountant, said he asked the school's bursar Gareth Cheesman to create a senior position in the department for Mrs Moisan.
The Coventry School Foundation's bursar, Vince Iwanek, is said to have agreed that he met other bursars to exchange information about costs at their schools and discuss potential fee increases.
The chairman of Winchester's governors is Sir Andrew Large, who was let into the conspiracy by the college's bursar, the man in charge of the cash.
He portrays the perfidious, stuttering bursar especially well.
But David Palfreyman, bursar of New College, said: "We are deeply unsympathetic.