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IET scholarships and bursaries provide students with [pounds sterling]1000 per year of study on engineering degree or apprenticeship programmes, for up to four years.
Bursaries may not be used to support research trips begun before the Bursary Committee has announced the outcome of the competition.
Helen O'Sullivan, headteacher at Tonypandy Community College, said: "These bursaries offer students the experience of living away from home and studying a course that will, in the long-term be life-changing.
A third of the pupils on bursaries pay nothing at all, while a further third have more than 90% of their fees paid for them.
So far the Eddie McCluskey Library Bursary has been very well supported by the school and with each round of bursaries we manage to give out a little bit more.
The purpose of bursaries is to assist with living costs for those whose parents won't be able to help them out in that regard.
A second aim was to encourage institutions who had more to do to widen the make-up of their intake - usually the more elite universities - to offer bigger bursaries to encourage poorer students to apply and take up a place.
Several key community groups across the North have come together or are joining forces to donate funds for student bursaries.
In order to help them get there, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), in partnership with British Airways, offers twice-yearly travel bursaries of complimentary return flights on British Airways routes.
As well as presenting the very best in new and innovative products, as part of this year's exhibition three categories of awards have been allocated; five 100% Foundation Awards, three 100% International Foundation Awards, and five 100% Design Crafts Council Bursaries.
Under this plan, the government matches every dollar a university can secure from private sources to endow bursaries for students with adequate marks, Canadian citizenship, Ontario home addresses and limited funds.
Students and lecturers in the Midlands last night said Government bursaries designed to get more teenagers from low income homes to go to university did not go far enough to break down the barriers to higher education.