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Bursar and business office staff can view history and direct activity from anywhere.
Cathy Foland, the bursar at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, says she plans to switch to an ACH-based refund distribution.
The future will be about bringing income to the school, which is where bursars and business managers are vital.
The bursar of Durham Cathedral Priory was one of a number of officials and obedientiaries of the house to whom was entrusted the overseeing or administration of a particular section of the priory's activities.
Bursars usually work a 37-hour week, Monday to Friday.
The Coventry School Foundation's bursar, Vince Iwanek, is said to have agreed that he met other bursars to exchange information about costs at their schools and discuss potential fee increases.
Regional meetings of ISC heads and bursars could continue but they 'must not discuss any commercially-sensitive information', the code continued.
Successful schools need accountancy skills and business management skills and the training programme is recognition of the role bursars play in school and the fact the bursar has a massive impact on pupils.
However, school bursars from both state and public schools attending the meeting said the Government had to make sure more money directly reached schools and was not held back by local education authorities.
The fair is aimed at staff including teaching assistants, lunchtime supervisors, learning mentors, kitchen staff, bursars, caretakers, cleaners, support workers, cover supervisors and exam invigilators.
Ms Morris, MP for Birmingham Yardley, was also due to give details of an experiment involving training bursars to take over some of the administrative burdens associated with running a school.
Headteachers yesterday called on the Government to spend more than pounds 1 billion a year on recruiting tens of thousands of new teachers, bursars and support staff in a bid to ease their workload.