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Bursar Pare Maciulewicz switched to Sallie Mae's ACH system in September 2009.
The role of bursars began in 1989 when Government legislation led to the creation of what were then called grant maintained schools, giving them greater responsibility for their own budgets.
Most bursars are also involved in staff management, which includes recruitment and training of support staff such as technicians, teaching assistants, caterers and maintenance staff, and carrying out appraisals and producing staff development plans.
The Coventry School Foundation's bursar, Vince Iwanek, is said to have agreed that he met other bursars to exchange information about costs at their schools and discuss potential fee increases.
But its new code of practice, agreed with the OFT, warned headteachers and bursars not to talk to other schools even about fee information that was already in the public domain.
The bursars have all been awarded either the Certificate of School Business Management or the Diploma of School Business Management by the National College for School Leadership.
Nikola, of Hartburn, said: "I think for the last ten to 15 years bursars have been seen as school secretaries within the sector, but the job entails so much more.
Grandmother Ruby, aged 69, who works at Worlds End Infant School, in Quinton, has won the Cleaner of the Year Award run by the National Bursars Association.
The Government wants 1,000 more bursars in schools by 2006.
The inaugural International Collegiate two-day tournament over the Torrance course sees British champions Stirling, St Andrews, a Cambridge- Oxford select, a British universities select and an R&A Elite Bursars team take on a line-up that includes Bill Haas (Wake Forest) and Dustin Bray (North Carolina) - fourth and seventh in the US amateur rankings.
uk - The new Director General for Schools yesterday told Midland bursars that successful schools would get greater freedom from education authorities as part of sweeping Government improvements.
The fair is aimed at staff including teaching assistants, lunchtime supervisors, learning mentors, kitchen staff, bursars, caretakers, cleaners, support workers, cover supervisors and exam invigilators.