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The House passed the bursary allocation law on November 15, 2016 but the chief ignored what it stipulates.
Initiatives such as the NUS Campus Couples Bursary Fund help to boost the Universitys ongoing efforts at enabling more of our talented and deserving students to reach their fullest potential.
More than 20 charities across the West of Scotland benefitted from the community bursary scheme last year.
However, the more significant point is that we must review the constituency bursary schemebecause it is not working.
And when the bombshell notice from the bursary service arrived, it stated she was no longer entitled to parent learning allowance, dependence allowance or any form of childcare for three-year-old son Oakley.
In response, the Welsh Government confirmed there will be no change for to nursing students' bursary arrangements when they start in September.
Unison say the Student Nurse bursary enables people from all walks of life to commit to the training to become one of the half a million-plus nurses, midwives and allied health professionals required to keep the NHS running.
Under the current NHS bursary system, no fees are charged and students are entitled to a combination of a non-means tested bursary, a means-tested bursary and a 'reduced rate' student loan.
If a student wants the maximum bursary, they have to first take out a loan of PS5750.
At least 55% of the bursary recipients of 2009 are now gainfully employed.
Conference participation is not supported by these bursaries; award winners may extend their visit at their own expense to attend a conference in the country concerned, but no part of the conference expenses will be covered by the bursary.
The 11-year-old Coten End Primary School pupil who lives in the town has been chosen as the winner of a bursary enabling him to take up his secondary education at Warwick School.