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EYES ON THE FUTURE: John; Barclay admits the bursary award will help him achieve his dream of making it to the top flight of Scottish rugby PICTURES: PAUL CHAPPELLS
The Lawmaker said that the gesture had been ongoing for the past three years, adding that he had so far given bursary awards to no fewer than 700 undergraduates in his constituency.
The programme offers business planning workshops, one-to-one mentoring and financial support via a bursary award for businesses that demonstrate strong growth potential.
After winning the 2003 Coventry Open competition at the Herbert Art Gallery, she went on to take first prize in the annual Windsor and Newton contest as well as the prestigious Stoke-Roberts Bursary award.
Drumpellier member Clare Queen has received the highest bursary award pounds 4000 from the R&A for golfers who choose to study in Europe while continuing to play amateur golf at the highest level.
Maryam Farooq, who achieved two A*s and a Grade A in mathematics, biology and chemistry, was presented with her bursary award at a ceremony held at OCR's offices in Coventry, ahead of the start of her studies at Cambridge University.
WELSH Water is inviting students planning environmental research projects to apply for the 2011 Mike Panes Memorial Bursary Award.
Catherine McMillan used a bursary awarded by Welsh Water to fund the research, for which she won the Mike Panes Memorial Bursary Award.
A WRITER from North Tyneside will receive a pounds 500 bursary after being named as the runner-up in the prestigious Alfred Bradley Bursary Award, run by BBC Radio Drama.
Kathryn, a former pupil of Harris School in Rugby and Binswood College, Leamington, scooped pounds 750 in the Winsor and Newton Young Artists' award and pounds 1,000 through the Stoke Roberts Bursary award.
Jordan, just been awarded a BBC Fame Academy Bursary Award, has already raised more than pounds 1,300 for the CFT by singing at North venues.
The trip is being helped by a bursary award from Ecclesiastical Insurance.