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The deck was so hot that it seemed an increase of a few degrees would cause it to burst into flames. In many places even the heavy-soled shoes of the men were no protection, and they were compelled to step lively to avoid scorching their feet.
The smoking house beyond the trees had burst into flames. We could see the high tongues of fire shooting up into the air.
The ground shook for nearly a minute, and buildings burst into flame. The fires burned for days.
While he stands before her reeling from shock and revulsion, her lodgings suddenly burst into flame. Will barely escapes with his life, to hear afterwards that his Dark Lady is less fortunate.
Gonzales distills something else here, a suspended time, a volatile element ready to burst into flame, an imminent event, something like the spirit of history.
Then, beginning with the discovery of phosphorus (see 1669), chemists began to discover chemicals so active that with very little encouragement they could burst into flame. Why not, then, simply coat the edge of a splint of wood with some appropriate chemical that could at the proper time burst into flame and set the wood on fire?
But the car burst into flame in a matter of minutes," said Khan.
Dubai oOne minute we were happy and the very next minute we were in tears,o said an eyewitness who saw the plane burst into flame after it touched down at Mangalore airport.
A fuel tanker that Sunday evening burst into flames in Kyambura trading centre, Rubirizi District, in western Uganda, has left nine people dead and dozens unaccounted for.According to Ms Harriet Nabukenya, the Rubirizi District Resident District Commissioner, the driver of the fuel truck lost control and rammed into two commuter taxis that were parked on the roadside.
An initial report from Caloocan police station said the AC Transit bus burst into flames at 2:20 p.m.
A Range Rover burst into flames at King Faisal Street, Sharjah.
Summary: California [USA], June 1 (ANI): A musician, who goes by the name White Panda Music on Reddit has claimed that his Apple MacBook Pro exploded and burst into flames during 'normal use'.