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The deck was so hot that it seemed an increase of a few degrees would cause it to burst into flames.
The smoking house beyond the trees had burst into flames.
While he stands before her reeling from shock and revulsion, her lodgings suddenly burst into flame.
Why not, then, simply coat the edge of a splint of wood with some appropriate chemical that could at the proper time burst into flame and set the wood on fire?
Dubai oOne minute we were happy and the very next minute we were in tears,o said an eyewitness who saw the plane burst into flame after it touched down at Mangalore airport.
But the car burst into flame in a matter of minutes," said Khan.
A VAN full of greyhounds burst into flames yesterday on a busy dual carriageway.
Both cars burst into flames ( with both the pensioners and the woman Corsa driver trapped.
the man died when his truck crashed into the rear of another big rig, rolled down an embankment and burst into flames, California Highway Patrol officials said.
A NUNEATON man whose baby was killed when his car left the road, overturned and burst into flames, has admitted being responsible for the tragedy.
A BRITISH pilot and an event official suffered minor burns when a hotair balloon burst into flames and crashed in a rice paddy on the final day of the Saga International Balloon Fiesta, Asia's largest balloon festival in Japan.