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The deck was so hot that it seemed an increase of a few degrees would cause it to burst into flames. In many places even the heavy-soled shoes of the men were no protection, and they were compelled to step lively to avoid scorching their feet.
As a multitude of weak, imitative natures are always lying by, ready to go mad upon the next wrong idea that may be broached--in these times, generally some form of tribute to Somebody for something that never was done, or, if ever done, that was done by Somebody Else--so these less ordinary natures may lie by for years, ready on the touch of an instant to burst into flame.
A fuel tanker that Sunday evening burst into flames in Kyambura trading centre, Rubirizi District, in western Uganda, has left nine people dead and dozens unaccounted for.According to Ms Harriet Nabukenya, the Rubirizi District Resident District Commissioner, the driver of the fuel truck lost control and rammed into two commuter taxis that were parked on the roadside.
An initial report from Caloocan police station said the AC Transit bus burst into flames at 2:20 p.m.
A Range Rover burst into flames at King Faisal Street, Sharjah.
Summary: California [USA], June 1 (ANI): A musician, who goes by the name White Panda Music on Reddit has claimed that his Apple MacBook Pro exploded and burst into flames during 'normal use'.
THIS is the dramatic moment a road sweeper burst into flames on a residential street.
THIS dramatic picture shows a car which burst into flames in Stockton.
According to Erwin Sant, Aljon Tibay, Bernie Genodepanon and Leonard Enriquez Jr, they were welding something when the sparks caused a pile of leaves to burst into flames.
Two people were killed on Monday evening when a truck transporting sulphuric acid crashed and burst into flames on the Eldoret-Webuye road at the Kaburengo interchange.
A helicopter belonging to the owner of Leicester City Football Club burst into flames after crashing in a parking lot next to the club's King Power Stadium in Leicester, England, about an hour after the match Saturday night.