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The deck was so hot that it seemed an increase of a few degrees would cause it to burst into flames.
As a multitude of weak, imitative natures are always lying by, ready to go mad upon the next wrong idea that may be broached--in these times, generally some form of tribute to Somebody for something that never was done, or, if ever done, that was done by Somebody Else--so these less ordinary natures may lie by for years, ready on the touch of an instant to burst into flame.
Top Gear presenters Chris Harris and Eddie Jordan escaped without injury after a car they were driving in Monaco burst into flames during filming.
A STREET leading out of Huddersfield town centre was closed after a lorry burst into flames.
A car burst into flames on a quiet residential street in Northumberland.
Summary: The phone burst into flames and was almost burnt.
The two mariners escaped the Flybridge motorboat before it sank after a generator burst into flames.
A 17-year-old teenager and his two back riders were hurt when the motorcycle they were riding burst into flames after colliding with a van in Tallungan village here on Monday (Aug.
Summary: Lahore [Pakistan], June 25 (ANI) : Over 120 people were charred to death when an oil tanker burst into flames in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, on Sunday.
Shock after car bursts into flames A MOTORIST had a lucky escape after a car burst into flames yesterday.
ISLAMABAD -- At least three people were burnt to death and five others suffered burn injuries on Wednesday when an oil tanker burst into flames after colliding with a long trailer at the Super Highway near Karachi.
A car was destroyed after it crashed and burst into flames in the early morning hours on Thursday near Pareklisha, Limassol.