burst of sound

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At one point the vocalist emitted a burst of sound from the upper range that was reminiscent (to these ears) of an analogue tape being rewound while still in "play" mode.
BROUHAHA got under way last night with a splash of colour and a burst of sound.
Saggaypo(Kalinga): This is a set of bamboo instruments of different lengths, blown to produce a flute-like burst of sound.
Exploding onto the stage in a glorious burst of sound and colour, it fea- tures the songs Circle Of Life, Hakuna Matata and the Oscar-winning Can You Feel The Love Tonight.
The overture is widely recorded and performed today, with its distinctly slow and quiet start leading to a sudden burst of sound from the full orchestra.
The flow meter operates by alternately transmitting and receiving a frequency-modulated burst of sound energy between the two transducers.
The data in the three panels show neural activity elicited by over 1,500 tone bursts (a short burst of sound energy), each with a slightly different frequency and intensity combination.
LISTEN UP Sonar systems on modern submarines were inspired by the principle behind biological sonar: Send out a short burst of sound and then listen for the echo.
A screaming burst of sound and a flash of light, which fills you with dread.
The lagoon is also the setting for IllumiNations, a special effects spectacular involving thousands of fireworks and a spectacular 28ft video globe of the world that opens in a burst of sound and light.
Then a pneumatic drill burst of sound vibrates through the room and makes you understand why they say at the beginning of the film - if you want to get out put your hand up and shout "steward".