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In addition, the role of the egg burster in hatching has been shown previously (Southwood 1956; Cobben 1968; Puchkova 1959, 1961; Hinton 1981).
Burster Device: This is a delivery mechanism for chemical agents such as sarin, a nerve agent 500 times more toxic than cyanide.
Because it detonates at high temperatures, it is used in various kinds of explosives, rocket fuels and burster chargers
2000 in Star Trek: New Earth.) In this presentation I will summarize the currently-accepted burster models and describe the ramifications if one were to explode in our part of the Milky Way.
The occurrence of such an explosion would likely be marked by a very energetic y-ray burster. The result, it is hypothesized, is the eventual creation of another galaxy or the large part of a galaxy.
When they telescopically spotted the galaxy associated with the burster it turned out to be one of the most distant objects ever identified, some 18 billion light-years away.
James Slyder, president of Slyder Contracting Services, Mount Holly Springs, PA, explained why he selected the Grundocrack Pneumatic Cast Iron Pipe Burster for this installation.
Using a burster to remove the perforated edges and separate the pages of continuous-feed computer printout paper can save an enormous amount of labor.
(2) coconut husks burster machine size : 48x36 dia 20 hp motor, starter and other accessories - 1 no., @ sfurti coir cluster, heravatta, kumta,u.k.dist
In fact, the only criticism was the size of the portion, a belly burster packed with king prawns and chunky sausage, flavoured much more subtly this time with red onion, garlic and chilli.
Burster Flipper Wobbler Dripper Spinner Stacker Shaker Maker
The whole measuring procedure, where coupling pressure during the dehydration process was recorded with a DMS load cell (Type 8416-5500, range 0-500 N; amplification with an inline amplifier for DMS, Type 9235; Burster, Gernsbach, Germany) and water loss was measured with a balance, is described in [12].