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4 : to be filled to the maximum <The puppy is bursting with energy.
When the investigators looked to see where each of these different bursting patterns originated in the brainstem, they found that the electrical activity always centered within the PBC.
Most pipe bursting operations use the pneumatic tool impact strength to burst through these impediments, but having the video to identify these beforehand gives both the municipality and the contractor a heads up on the problem.
TT Technologies is displaying its full line of piercing tools, pipe ramming tools, and pipe bursting tools as well as its latest static equipment at UCT 2004.
A 370-ft section of deteriorated clay pipe was set up to demonstrate Vermeer Manufacturing Company's (Pella, Iowa) Hammerhead Mole pipe bursting system.
Since bursting on the scene in early December, this bizarre astronomical object, a Milky Way resident that lies toward our galaxy's center, has ranked as the brightest known X-ray source in the heavens.
Pipe bursting is a widely used and proven method for replacing underground utility lines that convey critical materials like water, sewer, gas, and others.
Pipe bursting is a reliable and proven method of replacement of deteriorated or under capacity utility lines.
Pipe bursting is a technology that has matured in North America since the early 2000s.
This article will discuss the potential impact on adjacent utilities as a pipe is replaced using pipe bursting technology.
Pipe bursting is a mature technology used to replace existing underground utility lines.