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The bear market that accompanied that event was a special case in that it was caused by a bursting bubble.
He loves bursting bubble wrap, he howls when you ask him to tell you a story and he falls asleep with a soft cuddly toy in his mouth.
Fears of a bursting bubble aside, the market is enjoying some of the strongest prices in recent memory, and OCC isn't the only grade standing out.
This isn't a bursting bubble or sky falling,'' said John Karevoll of DataQuick Information Systems in San Diego.
The company weathered the bursting bubble of the late '90s by expanding into residential rentals.
I don't anticipate a bursting bubble or depreciation" in prices, Powell said.
While a bursting bubble will certainly affect investment, if the investment effects are small, then there is little for policymakers to worry about--at least from the macroeconomic perspective.
This is a reaction to behavior at the peak of the financial cycle--the rising stock market, bursting bubble, accounting restatements and weak governance--that eventually retreated, revealing the problems.