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The bear market that accompanied that event was a special case in that it was caused by a bursting bubble.
Fears of a bursting bubble aside, the market is enjoying some of the strongest prices in recent memory, and OCC isn't the only grade standing out.
The company weathered the bursting bubble of the late '90s by expanding into residential rentals.
IT'S BEEN POSSIBLE OVER THE LAST SEVERAL months to pick up one newspaper and learn that the housing market's boom continues, only to read a headline somewhere else declaring proof of a bursting bubble.
I don't anticipate a bursting bubble or depreciation" in prices, Powell said.
While a bursting bubble will certainly affect investment, if the investment effects are small, then there is little for policymakers to worry about--at least from the macroeconomic perspective.
This is a reaction to behavior at the peak of the financial cycle--the rising stock market, bursting bubble, accounting restatements and weak governance--that eventually retreated, revealing the problems.