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Club Med, next time, let's settle this like mature adults and find a civilized way to bury the hatchet.
COMFORT Sisters bury the hatchet after years of squabbling SORT IT OUT Suzanne, left, and Yvonne bury the hatchet in Fair City
Even Suzy makes an effort and buys her dad a present, but Max is unwilling to bury the hatchet, as he's far too busy making preparations for Tanya and the kids' homecoming.
SPOON-BENDER Uri Geller wants to help Scotland achieve their World Cup dream - and bury the hatchet with the Tartan Army.
One Voice is using high-tech polling methods to see just how far the majority of Israelis and Palestinians are willing to go to bury the hatchet.
Davina said: "I would love them to bury the hatchet and come together on the night.
The striker will play against Wigan on Saturday if he overcomes a knee injury as Pulis looks to bury the hatchet.
SPANDAU BALLET are poised to re-form after singer Tony Hadley signalled he was ready to bury the hatchet, following a bitter break-up.