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BUSHEL, measure. The Winchester bushel, established by the 13 W. III. c. 5, A. D. 1701, was made the standard of grain; a cylindrical vessel, eighteen and a half inches in diameter, and eight inches deep inside, contains a bushel; the capacity is 2145.42 cubic inches. By law or usage it is established in most of the United States. The exceptions, as far as known, are Connecticut, where the bushel holds 2198 cubic inches Kentucky, 2150 2/3; Indiana, Ohio, Mississippi and Missouri, where it contains 2150.4 cubic inches. Dane's Ab. c. 211, a. 12, s. 4. See the whole subject discussed in report of the Secretary of State of the United States to the Senate, Feb. 22, 1821.

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Mark Angelini returned this winter from international wood product shows with a bushelful of business ideas for Ontario wood producers and he's anxious to share them with the industry.
The transformative associative cornucopia that tumbles out of his poems by the bushelful seem, not the result of will, but of a born and cultivated genius.
WITH NEW MUSICALS springing from old movies by the bushelful, it's hardly a revelation that some enterprising producers took a look at the 1954 Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney chestnut, ``White Christmas,'' and thought, ``Aha