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Beginning with the 1996 Olympics, Georgia pioneered the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems to monitor the roadways, assist stalled motorists and provide real-time speeds and travel times on the state's busiest roads," said Assistant State Traffic Operations Engineer Mark Demidovich.
Airport Operators Council-North America's 2004 annual traffic report ranked Southwest Florida International Airport as the 48th busiest airport in the United States in terms of passenger traffic, and the fifth busiest in Florida behind Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa.
And the busiest single day of the year for the Samaritans is on Valentine's Day.
One control room worker said this Hogmanay was the busiest he could remember.
It's the same story for the United States Postal Service, which was to handle 280 million cards and letters on its busiest day, Monday.
Chicago's O'Hare International Airport was the busiest airport in terms of air traffic in the nation in the first half of the year.
According to government statistics Chicago's O'Hare International Airport was the busiest airport in terms of air traffic during the first half of this year.
The busiest day occurred on January 29, when more than 36,000 riders boarded PATH at the World Trade Center Station.
Now, we hope to add to our 14,000 clip collection by attracting videographers looking for some great new equipment and a chance to profit as part of the world's busiest imaging community.
Figures obtained by the national Coastguard SOS campaign group under a Freedom of Information request revealed that many stations earmarked for closure were in fact among the busiest in the UK.
Rhyl lifeboat was the second busiest lifeboat station in the whole of the UK and Ireland between the months of June, July and August this year, and has been the busiest station in Wales for three years running.
According to the airport authority, Southwest Airlines increased its passenger count by 36% and the airline regained its position as the busiest carrier at the airport for September, with 20.