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The Italians out in Abyssinia the Portuguese across in Brazil and in Angola - in fact lots of of our EU friends were all spreading friendship and goodwill all over the world whilst the villainous British were busily robbing the rest of it blind.
The elves busily sorted the vegetation prior to removal by Cardiff Parks Services.
The perfume of roses seem to fill the air, And flowers blooming everywhere, The soothing sound of the buzzing bees, As they collect the nectar busily.
They could be seen working busily throughout the endeavour in livevideo on NASA's website.
Time for NAM flimflam: Iranian officials are busily traveling around the world handing out official invitations for chiefs of state to come to Iran for the August 26-31 summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).
I was born in 1943 and I was busily twinding the mangle for my mother well into my early teens.
AUSTRALIA have been busily formulating plans to beat England and claw their way back in the Ashes and they appear to have found a method: playing them at golf.
Meanwhile, across on Bruce's Acre, Alex was busily putting together a 20lb 2oz net to finish almost 4lbs ahead of Drew McCluskey, with Kevin Aitken chasing them home less than 3lbs behind.
The would-be Eurovision stars won't be the only ones feeling the pressure, as Lloyd Webber will also be busily trying to finish his song.
The National Underwriter Company and Claims Magazine have busily been preparing this year's program for the 12th Annual ACE America's Claim Event conference.
WELL done to the city council street cleaner I saw busily tidying up Moseley village on the morning of New Year's Day when the rest of us were either in bed or nursing hangovers that prevented any physical exertions.
I am loving what I'm doing and am busily putting into action all the steps for CLNC[R] success you taught us.