busily intent

See: diligent
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He was very busily intent at this moment on a slate lying before him, on which he was carefully and slowly endeavoring to accomplish a copy of some letters, in which operation he was overlooked by young Mas'r George, a smart, bright boy of thirteen, who appeared fully to realize the dignity of his position as instructor.
Apparently there had been some appalling act of justice recently inflicted, for his scholars were all busily intent upon their books, or slyly whispering behind them with one eye kept upon the master; and a kind of buzzing stillness reigned throughout the schoolroom.
A long line of patient soldier ants Snakes on slowly; bees buzz Busily intent on visiting their scent Upon the glory of the golden bloom Bursting its brilliance skyward The new library flowers; blazes bright Burnished by soft September sun.
Denman has yet to be stretched fully in five visits to Newbury, and it was particularly noticeably before his latest race there, the Hennessy Gold Cup in November, that Walsh was busily intent on keeping him interested at the start, jogging round and shaking the reins.