business affairs

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corner' and the stakes at cards meant, but carrying forward to another page I don't understand at all," said he to himself, and after that he did not meddle in business affairs.
No one ever gave me a thought, for my father was always occupied with business affairs, and my mother with her housekeeping.
Some humorous reference to the somber reputation of the place was made and forgotten as soon as uttered, and they talked of their business affairs until it grew almost dark.
Rebecca, who knew nothing of their business affairs, merely saw her aunts grow more and more saving, pinching here and there, cutting off this and that relentlessly.
In the morning I shall go up to town, where I shall remain for a week--I cannot stay longer, as business affairs demand my presence here.
I am connected with the General," he said drily, "partly through business affairs, and partly through special circumstances.
It appeared that, in the interests of the prince, he had made arrangements in Moscow for a careful watch to be kept upon the prince's business affairs, and especially upon Salaskin.
I can only explain what I mean by referring for a moment to the business affairs of my firm.
There is a positive vulgarity in carrying your business affairs about with you as you do.
When we married, my wife made over all her property to me--rather against my will, for I saw how awkward it would be if my business affairs went wrong.
Yes, sir," the young wife answered; "he is hurrying about settling his business affairs, so as to be able to stay at home during my confinement, the dear man
Our client appeared to have taken fresh heart at the little glimpse of hope which had been presented to him, and he even broke into a desultory chat with me over his business affairs.

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