business deals

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This man, talking soberly and earnestly about the beauties of idealism and the goodness of God, had just betrayed his comrades in a business deal.
He said that ICCI would set up a CPEC Facilitation Centre where its members would also be taught Chinese language so that they could easily communicate and materialize successful business deals with Chinese entrepreneurs.
ISLAMABAD:The Pakistani Companies and the representatives of the companies demonstrated strong optimism for business deals with international entities through contacts developed during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
First, he said the US won't interfere with business deals.
Cos pledge to initiate joint venture -- os pledge to initiate joint venture, business deals surpass organizers expectations
The company also organizes business deals to provide Basic Services.
As per the report, already NCCI has general business deals with private industry in 43 countries throughout the globe.
In fact, the man who lifted the European Cup Winners' Cup for the Reds reckons the new business deals will be great for the playing side at Pittodrie.
New figures have revealed that Dubai-based Arabian Travel Market generated over $2 billion worth of business deals at the annual 2014 May event.
A total of 60 Macedonian companies have signed business deals with foreign partners via the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in the past seven years.
Legislative oversight doesn't mean messing about with business deals, it means helping to guarantee that business deals in the food system are conducted fairly," Kendall added.
Summary: The biggest business deals are made while breaking bread.

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