business establishment

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Please visit the following website for details on the Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center and other facilities.
To qualify for this incentive, a business establishment must be either a "basic industry" as defined in the Act (which generally means manufacturing), central administrative offices, or one of certain other types of specified business establishments.
Les affaires, as the French press has benignly dubbed 18 months of scandals, have reached the highest ranks of the French business establishment.
The Fourth District states of Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia stand out because they are all in the lowest quintile of the 50 states with respect to the growth in the number of business establishments over this period.
Technically, the denominator is the average of the number of business establishments in the current year and the prior year to account for regression to the mean (see Davis, et al.
The former mayor, who has designs on Georgia's governorship, is more closely connected to the city's business establishment than Jackson.
all business establishments of every kind whatsoever"--covered by California's public accommodation statute?
It also prohibits any business establishment that sells products or provides services to give the change in any other form other than the present currency or to ask the consumer for permission to be exempted from the provisions of this Act for any reason including the non-availability of small bills or coins.
The database information may not be used for purposes of insurance, loans, credit, employment, education, scholarships, fellowships, housing or accommodations, benefits, privileges or services provided by any business establishment, according to rules outlined in a Department of Justice brochure.
Attorney General may file lawsuits against a business establishment to force removal of physical barriers in these existing facilities.
We shall conclude the Boy Scouts is not a business establishment within the meaning of the (state's Civil Rights) act,'' wrote Presiding Justice Robert K.
The states with the highest percentage of business establishment growth during the same period are Nevada (48 percent), Delaware (29.

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