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In addition to the implementation of an archiving and back-up policy, it is also essential that certain basic standard practices are followed to ensure that business establishments have some sort of disaster recovery or business continuity plan.
Comparing Ohio's growth in the number of business establishments to the nation's shows that Ohio's economy has generated less growth than the overall U.
The French magistracy, meanwhile, has become less servile to the business establishment.
To qualify for this incentive, a business establishment must be either a "basic industry" as defined in the Act (which generally means manufacturing), central administrative offices, or one of certain other types of specified business establishments.
In the interest of public health and safety, the municipality (will) adopt measures to regulate the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials in all business establishments, groceries, department stores, supermarkets, retailers, and sari-sari stores," the ordinance further states.
all business establishments of every kind whatsoever"--covered by California's public accommodation statute?
The former mayor, who has designs on Georgia's governorship, is more closely connected to the city's business establishment than Jackson.
Bacolod City - A total of 465 persons and 81 business establishments were fined by the Bacolod City Anti-Smoking Task Force (BASTF)-Action Team for violating the anti-smoking ordinance from Sept.
Attorney General may file lawsuits against a business establishment to force removal of physical barriers in these existing facilities.
The DTI Bagwis Program (formerly known as the DTI Certified Business Establishment Program) was launched on July 26, 2006 which aims to give due recognition to establishments that uphold the rights of consumers and practice responsible business where consumers get value for money.
The proposed Exact Change Act prohibits any business establishment from giving insufficient change or no change at all to customers, even if the change is just small.
The bill considers illegal the act of any business establishment to give insufficient change or no change at all to consumers or customers, even if the change is a small amount.

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