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The basic motive behind this strategy is to facilitate with real-time visibility of various dispersed factors such as performance, risk, and product, supply and demand throughout the business firm and across the extended supply chain system [20].
Bahrain : Another step towards GCC expansion"We are pleased with their decision to expand operations in Bahrain by establishing Alpen Capital (Bahrain) as a Category 3 Investment Business Firm to operate alongside Sarasin-Alpen (Bahrain) which was also recently licensed by the CBB as a subsidiary of Bank Sarasin & Co.
To be irresponsible as a manager in a business firm is quite simply not to care about the consequences of one's decisions and actions on the many and diverse interests that come together in a firm, and especially the firm's owners'.
Yagya Raj Pathak have registered a big business firm Ananda Traders and Suppliers with capital of only Rs 300,000 and plan to operate business of trade in vehicles, medical equipments, spare parts sale and purchase, according to Commerce Office.
of the United States to Kazatomprom, a nuclear power business firm run by the Kazakhstan government, sources close to the matter said Saturday.
The Monetary Control Act of 1980 requires that the Board establish fees for priced services provided to depository institutions to recover, over the long run, all direct and indirect costs actually incurred as well as imputed costs that would have been incurred, including financing costs, taxes, and certain other expenses, and the return on equity (profit) that would have been earned if a private business firm provided the services.
Gross was one of 60 small business firm representatives who attended SDDC's Small Business Conference-part of the SDDC Training Symposium on March 22, in Denver, Colo.
It explains why current law should be revised, how businesses should be taxed, the details of the Simple Private Business Firm system, and the operating rules for a regular version of conduit taxation.
The newly-financed loan customer approaches a student in the business firm zone in order to buy whatever was just financed (new plant, apartment buildings, a stock issue .
Within the business firm, differences in employee ethical perceptions are likely to manifest themselves in the sales area.
Nevertheless, Yugoslavia should be approached with extreme caution, unless a business firm is convinced that the threat of secession in the country will cool.
Ono Ventures (Japan) is not authorised by the Central Bank as an investment firm, investment business firm or to provide investment advice.

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