business house

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The name of a most respectable business house was involved, and a sum of no less than nine hundred dollars.
North of the Slot were the theatres, hotels, and shopping district, the banks and the staid, respectable business houses.
Business houses selling on credit terms in the domestic and export markets are offered with credit insurance, which aims at protecting the business house against non-payment following a customer s insolvency or default.
IN the Stone Security Liverpool Business House Football League this week it was semifinal spots to play for and a big surprise came in the Senior Cup with St Sebastian's knocking out one of the pre-tournament favourites Home & Bargain.
The extensive list includes names such as French oil firm Shell now with the fund of Qatar which through the Valentino deal also owns casual wear line M Missoni, British automobile giant Jaguar Land Rover now owned by Indian business house Tata, Italian luxury fashion houses Cerruti and Gianfranco Ferre now under Chinese menswear firm Trinity Ltd and Dubai retailer Paris Group respectively.
It is backed by the Tatas, India's largest and most respected business house, and led by executives with extensive international experience in pharma R&D.
Festival side, Inter Volante, have a home tie against Liverpool Business House side, St Aloysius.
Ambani (1932-2002), is India's largest business house with total revenues of over Rs 99,000 crore (US$ 22.
Apollo Group is one of largest business house having revenues of more than $750 million annually.
Enterprises Private Limited is a member of the TTK Group, a 76-year old trusted business house in India.
SECOND'S BEST: Plessey FC second team from 1970, who played in the Liverpool Business House League Division One.
We are especially proud to partner with the TATA Group, one of the largest and the most respected business house in India, who is helping to realize our vision of connecting 50 percent of the world's population to the Internet by 2015.

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