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This is clearly an area where advisors can help today's HNW business owner, for many today are not getting help in this area.
New business owners (and most business owners) operate as sole proprietorships and need to understand the three basic IRS forms for sole proprietor tax reporting and payment.
Madelyn Flannagan, IIABA vice president of education and research, stated, "Proper insurance coverage can protect business owners from losses that can devastate a home-based business.
A good lender is one who will work with a business owner for the long-term health of the business," says Ritter, whose firm has written 200 loans in amounts ranging from $50,000 to $1 million in eight states totaling more than $50 million.
The questionnaires were designed to collect data from practicing attorneys and small business owners located in South Dakota regarding two major subjects.
During this presidential election year, the latest Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index shows the outlook of business owners has not changed significantly in the last year, both in their current situation and future outlook, said Lisa Stevens, Wells Fargos head of small business.
One important reason for business owners to seek an automated accounting package is that it allows the owner to stay on top of their cash flow.
Keeping in mind the challenges faced each day by entrepreneurs and small business owners," says McCoy-Pinderhughes, "I've put together an issue that will inspire you to follow through with your dream, direct you to sources of capital to fund your venture, taken you on a trip to the 2000 Black Enterprise/Bank of America Entrepreneurs Conference, and introduced you to the movers and shakers of today and tomorrow.
The worksheets allow business owners to evaluate which assets are at risk and which are safe based on their type of business, state laws and asset allocation.

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