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The property will have nearly 6,000 square metres of leasable office premises, and the ground and basement floors will have 2,000 square metres of business premises.
Lehto operates in the four service areas of Business Premises, Housing and Social Care and Educational Premises.
Meanwhile, talking to Pakistan Today FBR's Commissioner Jahangir Ahmed rejected the allegations, saying without a reason FBR teams do not harass businesses, as visiting the business premises is just a routine work, not raids.
To be excludable, the meals must be furnished for the employer's convenience on the employer's business premises. Noting that the meals also had substantial non-compensatory business purposes, including accommodating players' special dietary needs and an often hectic timetable with game schedules, strategy sessions, and other team business, the court found they were furnished for the employer's convenience.
The senate committee's chairman said there are complaints that the FBR officials are using 'arm-twisting tactics' against businessmen under the garb of section 38B and 40B of Sales Tax Act, 1990, which grant them special powers to raid the business premises.
The State Statistical Office keeps no records of the business premises. They count only apartments.
With the Google 360[degrees] tour, WeblinkIndia.Net has greatly enhanced its brand value; for potential or existing customers sitting anywhere across the world, this is a great opportunity to view HD images of the business premises, which are engaging & interactive at the same time.
Summary: Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) announced today that its Algiers office has become the first business premises in Algeria to offer the Cisco TelePresence(tm) solution.
Burrell had put the business premises on the market for 600,000 pounds back in the spring, but he hasn't found a buyer as yet.
"The Business Premises Renovation Allowance is a valuable form of tax relief but extremely hard to claim," said Mr Edwards.
A qualified transportation fringe includes parking provided by an employer to an employee on or near the employer's business premises, under Sec.
Law, secretary of the pro-gun Shooters' Rights Association, was questioned by cops after a raid on his business premises.

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