business transactions

See: commerce
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How he managed to cope with his humor; whether he pledged himself in raw rum and blazing punch, and "clinked the can" with him as they made their bargains, does not appear upon record; we must infer, however, from his general observations on the absolute sway of this hard-drinking potentate, that he had to conform to the customs of his court, and that their business transactions presented a maudlin mixture of punch and peltry.
When I explained that an important family matter obliged me to ask him to refer to his books for the purpose of ascertaining a date with which the record of his business transactions might supply me, he offered no objection to granting my request.
Business transactions with that useful institution had always been conducted by her, it being Mr Warden's theory that Woman can extract in these crises just that extra franc or two which is denied to the mere male.
A shilling passes; and, in that spirit of confidence which should pervade all business transactions between principals of honour, this piece of business is considered done.
So complicated, however, was the nature of this particular business transaction, and so tortuous the paths of its progress (partly owing to the complete disappearance of the owner of the horse, who had gone to the West and left no address), that it took the sheriff many weeks to prove Mr.
My dear Harry, I did not treat it as a business transaction, and I did not make any formal proposal.
He was anxious to bring about a 'satisfactory marriage' for me, an expression that makes of so solemn an act a business transaction in which husband and wife endeavor to cheat each other.
But," said Danglars, -- who, on his part, did not perceive how soon the conversation, which was at first disinterested, was turning to a business transaction, -- "there is, doubtless, a part of your fortune your father could not refuse you?
NetQoS customers can now define and monitor specific business transactions and diagnose application-specific performance issues from the same Web-based management console they use to monitor global network performance.
com/reports/c35122) has announced the addition of Due Diligence in Business Transactions to their offering.
Unlike traditional internet search solutions that focus on web pages and documents, CopperEye Greenwich indexes and provides precise and immediate access to large volumes of historical business transactions that otherwise would require the cost and complexity of a relational database or proprietary data warehouse solution.
In its review of Greenwich, the Butler Group has recognized the power of CopperEye's 'structured search' approach and concludes that Greenwich meets the pressing business need for affordable, timely access to months or years of retained business transactions.

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