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Now schools have greater freedom to run their own affairs but with that entry into the marketplace came a greater responsibility to be businesslike.
It found that LP had not been operated in a businesslike manner, because no books, records or financial statements had been offered as evidence.
Thus, as we have reported, there is a need for a comprehensive, integrated transformation strategy for real property that will focus on some of the underlying causes that contribute to these problems, such as competing stakeholder interests in real property decisions; various legal and budget related disincentives to businesslike outcomes; inadequate capital planning and the lack of governmentwide focus on real property issues.
He moves smoothly from the deep, melodious voice of the senator to his ex-wife's businesslike tone to the senator's surly son.
He insisted on a brisk, businesslike meeting in the office.
The new design is more colorful and more businesslike overall.
Like her teacher and director Alwin Nikolais, Beal's work is never just one view: it is humorous and poignant, it is mysterious and apparent, it is businesslike and deeply spiritual, it is madcap and meaningful.
But the brisk, businesslike missions of these women aren't so far removed from the single-minded, sensual pursuits of the male figures in "Dirty Windows.
The male anchors are well-dressed and businesslike, while the women are anything but.
No loans were made to nonfamily members, and the family loans were not managed in a businesslike way.
The model looks positively businesslike in her pinstripe blouse which struggles to cover her pneumatic boobs.
Eventually, their initially businesslike relationship develops into a loving one.

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