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Cambridge has an unrivalled reputation as a centre of excellence in learning, this classic English city has breathtaking buildings, a beautiful river, thriving shops and a bustling market.
the bustling Soho Road is now a much safer place, say police.
A thoroughly researched, scholarly scrutiny of a changing economic era as reflected in a bustling and complex metropolis.
will bolster the work force in a bustling business district.
Mario, whose own world is filled with the artificial, enjoys eating the "real" food and observing the bustling street life of the Renaissance, especially in the presence of a genius.
Popular by day for business lunches and bustling throughout the evening with club patrons, Deep Ellum has broad appeal.
Once a bustling cultural and spiritual centre hosting tourists and pilgrims, Bethlehem now has boarded-up shops and abandoned development projects, states the report, entitled "Costs of Conflict: The Changing Face of Bethlehem.
Consider what you'll miss if you don't go: Perched atop Persian carpets high above the ancient city's bustling labyrinth of bazaars, winding alleys, and elaborately carved wooden doors, the hotel's open-air Tower Top Restaurant serves everything from battered pepper shark to mango cobbler.
The agency has operated continuously at a site on Yonge near the bustling Dundas street intersection for more than 100 years.
On this quiet, bucolic farm--complete with easy access to bike and hiking trails--it's hard to believe that you're a mere three miles from bustling downtown Amherst.
A fishing village until the mid-12th century, Copenhagen is now a bustling metropolis heavily influenced by jazz, architecture and design, and the arts, Among the city's major industries are electronics, pharmaceuticals, and textiles
This can spell trouble as people trample delicate plants hi these bustling ecosystem (organisms and their surroundings), says Tony Rango, of the Sierra Club.