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Several explanations have been put forward in the literature, ranging from economic (slow recovery from the recession, high unemployment, rising prices of goods and services, stagnant wages) to psychological (working hard is a badge of honor; busyness is a status symbol; work defines one's identity and purpose in life; jobs are less routinized and more enjoyable).
Recognizing that I have to take the time every day--and on the rough, busy days, maybe more than once a day--to invite God into my busyness and give me a place to recharge, to refresh and to recall that God is not too busy to be with me.
These factors fall into three broad categories: food worker and manager food safety training and experience, restaurant and food worker busyness, and restaurant ownership (chain vs.
It is easy to be busy; busyness seems to be a badge of honor.
Abdulllah Abdullah were invited to participate in the gathering, but Abullah would not participate in the meeting due to his busyness, the spokesman of the political opposition, Fazal Rahman Orya, said.
Stephen Cherry sold me a copy of his new book, Beyond Busyness, whilst leading a parish weekend at Shepherds Dene.
dispositional factors), (b) Busyness (cognitively non-busy vs.
Where a pianissimo was required it provided a welcome respite to the busyness of much of this work: the Passus section of the Credo was one such magical moment, as was the first part of the Agnus Dei.
General Director of OJSC "KyrgyzMobileCompany" Bolot Asanbaev refused to comment on reasons for the delay of formation of the board of directors referring to busyness.
The reader will also see Nancy is a little girl in a great big world where she can be easily overlooked through too much busyness.
The busyness of the holiday season, with baking, shopping, and partying, always competes with the need to stay focused at work.
Career self-management expert Barbara Moses suggests that the latest vice to hit society is busyness.