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His head was an hour-glass; it could stow an idea, but it had to do it a grain at a time, not the whole idea at once.
There -- it is better -- it is the best yet; but not perfect.
But if you was to go to Europe you'd see a raft of 'em hopping around.
but I mean you'd just see 'em -- scattered around, you know, in a kind of a general way.
High features, naturally strong and powerfully expressive, had been burnt almost into Negro blackness by constant exposure to the tropical sun, and might, in their ordinary state, be said to slumber after the storm of passion had passed away; but the projection of the veins of the forehead, the readiness with which the upper lip and its thick black moustaches quivered upon the slightest emotion, plainly intimated that the tempest might be again and easily awakened.
It is thy will that I should part from them; let me have no will but thine.
Again he was shocked, this time but the bulk of his body.
He began by taking charge of certain delicate missions which can be given neither to a man who respects himself nor to a man who does not respect himself, but are confided to grave and enigmatic individuals who can be acknowledged or disavowed at will.
I would not disturb him to-morrow at all, but I don't know .
But the strangeness is that I LOVE you and want to go away from you.
I know very well that you will resist, that you will fight, even; I know very well that you will prove the conqueror; but that amounts to rebellion, and you are an officer yourself, knowing what discipline is.
If the woman had sent Kim up to the local Jadoo-Gher with those papers, he would, of course, have been taken over by the Provincial Lodge, and sent to the Masonic Orphanage in the Hills; but what she had heard of magic she distrusted.