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BUTT. A measure of capacity, equal to one hundred and eight gallons. See Measure.

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Data input: the number of moisture content profiles; values of humidity for each profile from a cold butt end to the tube middle; time formation of each profile [t.
If you spot any of that, make sure the butt end of the grip sits lower in your palm (aligned more inside/behind the knuckle line).
Coulombe does the reader a service and honours the Zouaves by not minimizing the extent of the violence, as in the example of one Zouave who "killed sixteen Garibaldians with the butt end of his rifle before succumbing to mortal wounds and falling upon the bodies of his enemies.
All that was missing was the flat cap and the butt end of a half-smoked roll-up clinging to his bottom lip.
While there are countless "high powered" LED flashlights on the market, I have always preferred the compact aluminum "tactical" style which usually has the switch on the butt end.
Religulous" adds to this self-centered reportage by directly making fun of those encountered, an effect that sometimes backfires, creating sympathy for those at the butt end of the joke.
Peter Chappell finished his pool game, shook hands with his opponent, then walked over to Alan Dolman and swung the butt end of his pool cue into his head.
If he misses a pot, you're just waiting for him to smash the balls round the table in frustration using the butt end of his cue like a baseball bat
Set in "the butt end of British Columbia," city kids Devin, Nadia and Marcus find themselves stranded in the wilderness after their plane crashes en route to meeting their environmentalist parents.
It also comes with my second problem, a screwdriver bit designed to pop into the butt end of the handle just had me baffled.
Those goals confirmed that levels of fitness and concentration aren't always the best at the butt end of matches, especially at a level Ince never got to experience as a player.
Lined rings, a glazed responsive tip and a cushion reel seat fitting round off a slim profile blank packed with power at the butt end.