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BUTT. A measure of capacity, equal to one hundred and eight gallons. See Measure.

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In sand, as well as in other soil, moisture moves from the hot to the cold butt end of a column in the closed system conditions.
This year at a Nexpo press conference, however, Roper said he has "heard" complaints that the plastic inserts fit too tight and are difficult to get out when the roll is down to its butt end.
1 Move your bottom hand up off the butt end of the stick and hold the top hand closer to the throat.
Go back to the butt end and look up the trunk to see if the log is bowed.
Too often real estate gets caught at the butt end of great economic cycles.
A cigarette is held by a tube, then a syringe is attached to its butt end which then extracts one draw of smoke every minute and passes the smoke through a pad.
Tenders are invited for Solid Joint Butt End 32Mm To Rdso Drg.
They then hit him with what would appear to be the butt end of a shotgun.
If you fall into any of these categories, try the following: make sure the butt end of the grip sits lower in your palm (aligned more inside/ behind the knuckle line).
Another, simpler method to get the inertia block to shift over is to hold the forearm of the shotgun in your left hand tightly and, with the heel of your right hand, whack the butt end of the recoil pad smartly.
The results further show that the butt-end reducer between the log sorting station and the saw intake has a very negative effect on the fingerprint recognition rate, but that significant improvements in the recognition rate can be achieved by excluding the section of the log's butt end that is affected by the butt-end reduction.