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BUTT. A measure of capacity, equal to one hundred and eight gallons. See Measure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Four butt joint setup types were used to achieve constant or varied edge surface roughness in the weld:
For the face to edge and edge to edge butt joints, the cross-sectional area was calculated as the area of the end specimen, which was 1/2 inch wide by 4-1/2 inches long.
A special mold was designed to create tensile butt joint specimens of variable thickness [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Yes there are a few, which includes Contraflam Corner (a glass to glass butt joint system that is almost frameless and can be used at a 90 o angle) is one of the newest innovations from Vetrotech that will be seen more and more.
Imagine a wood screw driven at a shallow angle across the back face of a butt joint, connecting the two pieces of wood.
This is because the embedment depth of the screws used in a butt joint has a critical effect on its strength and mode of failure (Rajak and Eckelman 1996).
* The end of each plank making up a butt joint needs to be fastened to a stud.
April's top-scoring coarse fish over 1lb wins a five-piece version that switches quickly from 17ft to 13ft, using a common tip and second section with a dedicated third and butt joint.
Pattern design of butt joint placement for the glulam beams
Each glass sheet is clamped in a butt joint with its neighbour and hung on stainless-steel cables running from ground to roof level.