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BUTT. A measure of capacity, equal to one hundred and eight gallons. See Measure.

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Kunis' rep also denied the claims that the actress and her husband are butting heads because of the trial.
He said he doesn't want two co-equal branches of government to be butting heads. Instead, he appealed to SC to recognize his reforms.
Another insider asserted that Hunnam began butting heads with the creative team of the film, including director Sam Taylor-Johnson.
Scarlett Johansson stars as a woman who falls to Earth--Scotland, to be precise--in "Under the Skin," an undeniably ambitious but ultimately torpid and silly tale of an alien on the prowl in human clothing that marks the long-awaited third feature by "Sexy Beast" director Jonathan Glazer (nine years after butting heads with New Line over his very fine Nicole Kidman vehicle "Birth").