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[Takes his hat, cane, and cape, and presents new buttonhole on salver.]
I am the only person of the smallest importance in London at present who wears a buttonhole.
[Taking out old buttonhole.] You see, Phipps, Fashion is what one wears oneself.
[Putting in a new buttonhole.] And falsehoods the truths of other people.
[Looking at himself in the glass.] Don't think I quite like this buttonhole, Phipps.
"A little Italian with a bouquet in his buttonhole. The girl is delightfully pretty, but I thought I understood from you the other day that she was a young lady du meilleur monde."
On this occasion he strolled away from his companion to pluck a sprig of almond blossom, which he carefully arranged in his buttonhole.
Giovanelli was very pale: on this occasion he had no flower in his buttonhole; he seemed to wish to say something.
'Look here, Hexam.' Mr Bradley Headstone, highly certificated stipendiary schoolmaster, drew his right forefinger through one of the buttonholes of the boy's coat, and looked at it attentively.
As Jerry went to open the door two men, with colors in their hats and buttonholes, ran up calling out, "Cab!"
She does her own hair, and I am teaching her to make buttonholes and mend her stockings.
In fact, there will be ample time to-morrow for us to chop up father Adam's doublet into slashes and buttonholes. I am obliged to you for allowing me to pass one more agreeable quarter of an hour.