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It is a brilliant formulation, because it allows us to perceive the search that unifies Wright's early statement of the "bleakness" of Southern black life with his later interrogation of the dialectics of tradition and liberation in Africa where, as Hakutani notes, "while [Wright] admired close relationships that buttressed the Ashanti family and tribe, he was troubled by the denial of individualism.
You'll read about the licensing of Internet content; the enforceability of online contracts; domestic and foreign tax treatment of Internet transactions; the international obligations involved in doing business online; the patentability of business methods; precedents in trademark infringement; and other important areas, all buttressed by state-of-the-art, model agreements.
Staff members said Wednesday that the organization has bounced back, buttressed by community support and renewed hope.
Based on a simple rectangular plan, the house is essentially a compact glass box, buttressed and framed by a quartet of smaller stone-clad volumes placed at each corner.
In a packed convention hall, Bernal, or Cornell University, elaborated his thesis -- buttressed with linguistic, archaeological and historical evidence -- that Egyptian and Phoenician cultures greatly influenced the rise of Greek civilization beginning around 3,000 years ago.
Delaware's premier credit standing centers on its considerable economic and financial resources, the latter buttressed by the now-institutionalized protections designed to ensure surplus operations.
MOORPARK - Buttressed by petitions signed by more than 400 supporters, a food store has won the right to sell liquor despite objections that it is too close to a day-care center and school bus stop.
They could be buttressed, but that would spoil the simplicity of form.
This particular Twitchell Island levee reach has had previous stability problems and was buttressed in the early 1990's with dredge soil.