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Woodcock DW, Dos Santos G, Taylor D (2000) The Buttressed Blue Marble Tree: Wood and Growth Characteristics of Elaeocarpus angus-tifolius (Elaeocarpaceae) Annals of Botany 85: 1-6.
She has taken on the combined forces of political correctness, historical revisionism and pathological victimhood, all buttressed enthusiastically by much of the Canadian legal establishment.
Landslide-prone areas can be buttressed with extra footings and re-enforcement.
These lies were always buttressed by the claim that they are the expression of God's will.
The chapter on haiku, buttressed by a first-hand knowledge of Wright's Japanese models, is one of the book's more original contributions.
This was buttressed by an editorial which attacked the newly accepted resolution as anachronistic and backward.
She sums up the quandary as follows: "You could have progressivity [higher tax rates on higher incomes], you could have low rates for the second earner, and you could have a tax arrangement that buttressed the traditional family.
The facility, designed by Charles Coolidge Height, features 16th Century French chateau style corner turrets, slate roofs, limestone dormers and a buttressed English Gothic chapel.
Further experiments in chick embryos and with another eye development gene called Pax-6 buttressed the argument that vertebrate eyes start as a single patch.
Unfortunately, this essentially existential discourse has been buttressed by more populist effusions of political rectitude, which I like to refer to as the "Do I dare to eat a peach if the under-class cannot?