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Larger buttresses lend more support to the tree, and their extent may be an adaptation to the soil types and environment in which they grow.
The wave-shaped roof is highlighted by arched wood glulam trusses supported on the north and south facades by 15 pairs of massive concrete buttresses that also act as a rain water management system.
longicornis prefers large trees bearing buttresses and presenting burrows at their base where the individuals hide during daytime.
With the IRMF method, perioperative volume reduction of the mastoid cavity is secured by the circumferential saucerization of all bony buttresses and the removal of the mastoid tip and all diseased tissues.
Since the buttresses carried the weight, those sections of the walls not directly involved in support could be left thin and pierced with numerous windows.
The 18-year-old former Earlsheaton High School student has helped rescue one of two surviving flying buttresses at the abbey, which support the 13th- century church.
Strollers along the edge of the harbour below can marvel at the sight of the cathedral walls with their daring structural system of internal and flying buttresses.
A stable and democratic political system as well as its important bargaining in global affairs further buttresses its ratings.
This sweeping spatial momentum is emphasised by flights of steps giving access to the stadium, which wrap around the raking-shore buttresses of the grandstand.
The new Spa occupies the building that was once the hotel's fitness center, in addition to another 680 square feet of building that was carved out of the mountainside that buttresses up against the hotel.
Rodia added 115 flying buttresses to stabilize the three tallest towers and decorated them with pottery, colorful green and blue glass, ceramic tile and sea shells.