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The fine brick buttresses inside Everton water tower
John's Cathedral--the church with the gargoyles and buttresses --and it arranged and paid for Bosch's burial.
Larger buttresses lend more support to the tree, and their extent may be an adaptation to the soil types and environment in which they grow.
The wave-shaped roof is highlighted by arched wood glulam trusses supported on the north and south facades by 15 pairs of massive concrete buttresses that also act as a rain water management system.
"They're getting ready to take off that corner and they're putting up the buttresses," said Joseph Mikielian, the city's director of code enforcement.
A chi-square goodness-of-fit was used to test the null hypothesis that the frequency of occurrence of individuals was independent of the presence of buttresses. The expected values were generated based on the proportion of buttressing trees in our five transects.
"We've had a demand for an Achilles strap and a knee strap with buttresses that could move around on different areas of the knee.
Those showy flying buttresses aren't just for show, it turns out.
From their viewpoints the conspicuous consumption buttresses our economy.
A study by Benjamin Edelman, a student at Harvard Law School, buttresses the point.
A new dating of Chinese fossils buttresses the idea that an Asian Eden gave rise to at least one of the groups of mammal species that appeared in North America some 55 million years ago.