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The height of the buttressing, defined as the distance from the soil level to the height just above the buttress swell, was measured and recorded for use in volume estimation.
The circumference measurements above buttressing and at soil level, and their ratios, as well as the height of buttresses, were used to create a buttress volume estimate.
Another measure of buttressing, the change in diameters with increasing height of buttressing was used to relate our measurements to previously observed buttress forms.
Finally, buttressing trees presented more individuals of H.
It is very common that buttressing trees accumulate a great amount of leaf litter at their base, and this microhabitat is used by many groups of invertebrates and vertebrates as shelter (e.
Statements that may be considered forward-looking include those related to "this complete EVF solution will enable digital camera manufacturers to shorten the design time for new products and substantially reduce the assembly cost", "We anticipate that the volume production of CyberEVF 230K for the tier-one OEM will start in the next few months" and "Available immediately to all digital camera manufacturers, Kopin offers samples, reference designs and full technical support, buttressing customers' ability to quickly move their CyberDisplay-equipped products to market" .