buy back

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Under this buy back programme, the maximum total share buy-back in the period will represent a market value of DKK400m, Based on the share price at 6 March 2018, this will correspond to approximately 1.
Companies buy back shares from the stock market when they deem that share prices are undervalued.
Most households today have at least one unused smart phone or tablet lying around taking up space because it is no longer needed," said Buy Back Pros founder Samuel Herwitz, "That's a lot of value going to waste, whether because a pristine iPhone sits forgotten in a drawer or a broken but repairable device gathers dust in an attic.
The company has offered to buy back up to $200 million in principal amount of its 4.
On Thursday Resolute said it was offering to buy back the 2018 bonds.
In a share buy back program, the company distributes the excess cash flow among the shareholder by way of repurchasing its own shares, generally at a premium.
Nevertheless Summa's president noted that it would be decent to offer a voluntary buy back to demonstrate proper corporate governance.
Germany's HSH Nordbank AG is planning to buy back two series of its outstanding subordinated bonds.
Releasing a statement, the undersecretariat said it would launch a buy back program covering September-December 2010 period to ensure a balanced debt redemption profile and to increase the price efficiency of secondary market.
Uae: Emaar Properties said yesterday it would implement a programme to buy back its shares, which have have fallen by nearly 50 per cent this year.
These companies buy back used products, dismantle them, refurbish them, and then resell them at a substantial savings to potential buyers.
Copenhagen Airports expects to buy back shares during the period until the next annual general meeting, scheduled to be held on 21 April 2005.