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TO BUY. To purchase. Vide Sale.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Therefore, rather than entering into a full mortgage, you can buy off plan with a single down payment which is a fraction of the full asking price.
One per cent is enough to distinguish the SNP from right-wing Westminster and to buy off discontent from trade union bosses.
17 (ANI): British forces stationed in Afghanistan have been issued new guidelines, asking them to buy off potential Taliban recruits with "bags of gold."
BUY off plan and bag a bargain - that's the message from house builders Bryant Homes.
Keeley Metcalfe, Hartlepool Council's school environmental action officer, said: "An energy bike isn't something that you can just buy off the shelf.
Marketing director Alexis Walker said: "Our entry level way to buy off plan involves a combination of a very respectable 15 per cent discount at the same time as saving for the deposit while the property is being constructed.
Theresa May, Tory spokesman for the family, said: "Labour has wasted taxpayers' money on a ploy to buy off criticism."
Shame should be on Mr Blunkett for trying to buy off these people in such a calculated way instead of sitting down and trying to address the immigration problem seriously and provide properly for these poor people, who have already suffered enough under one brutal regime.
"You're not going to buy off these groups," warns Dr.
What the eminent domain compromise says that makes me a moderate is that we will allow the majority to have its way so long as it's willing to buy off its dissenters at a fair valuation.
The only solution is to buy off the bully with drugs, but where will she get them from and how will she smuggle them into the prison?