buying power

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The buying power report pulls disposable personal income for 1990-2005 from U.
For obvious reasons, we can never assume to identify and analyze the behaviors of four- and five-year-old gays and lesbians--some of course will self-identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual at a later age, but they're not counted in the overall gay population nor in our overall buying power projections.
Currently, about two-thirds (or 66 percent) of the national income goes to workers as compensation, giving workers control of most of the domestic stock buying power.
Despite their buying power, many of the communities are "under-retailed," with sales that fall significantly short of residents' retail purchasing power.
But 49 per cent wanted legislation to control the buying power of the big four supermarkets - Asda, Sainsbury, Safeway and Tesco.
High availability, competition from overseas manufacturers and new concentrations of buying power have contributed to severe price competition.
Phillips says the intent of the proposed increases is to increase the buying power of low-income earners.
Agencies leverage state's massive buying power to cut costs
The store features signs in Spanish as well as English in recognition of growing Hispanic buying power.
Target Market News reported the buying power of African American households in 2002 as $631 billion in earned income, with $303 million spent on books, and predicts that black consumer book buying dollars will remain impressive.