buying price

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The very low farm buying price of palay by private businessmen this harvest season should be a reason for farmers to sell their produce to the government, said Capiz NFA Information Officer Mary Christie Hari-on.
Framers from the region of Delcevo have recently been protesting because local milk firms have lowered the buying price.
A dozen currency exchange shops were contacted to collect the data for the selling or buying price for a single currency.
Execs Quiet on Rumors of Simmons First Buying Delta Trust Sources say buying price could be $63M,1.
In interbank market, the lowest buying price of one USD is 1.
Meanwhile, the spokesman Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan (ECAP) Naeem Uddin said buying price of dollar has crossed Rs 85 level and being sold at Rs 85.
The price for 1 cbm of gas is established of several components:- buying price of a natural gas, which constitutes 70% of the domestic gas price- gas transportation costs (transit through Kazakhstan) - 5%- transportation in Talas and Chui oblasts - 2%- losses (network wear-out), maintenance costs - 10%- construction of new gas pipelines - 5%.
Currently the price of LPG is Rp 3,864 per kg bought by distributor and Rp 4,250 paid by the end user including commercial users and households, as against the buying price of Pertamina of Rp 6,853 per kg.
They are the difference between the buying price and the selling price of each particular stock and they typically average 12.
The buying price will allow the owner to rent the space at lower rates than a new construction project would allow.
Russian oligarchs have raided some of Kazakhstan's choicest natural resources and Russia used its monopoly on gas export pipelines to artificially diminish the buying price for Kazakhstani gas, which was 300% lower than the selling price of Russian gas in Europe.
On the third week of tobacco trading in Ilocos region, average buying price for all grades of tobacco leaves per kilogram has been within floor price levels.