buying price

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The National Food Authority (NFA) is targeting to buy 6 million sacks of palay this year to boost its buffer stock and rice distribution despite its failure to secure an increase in its buying price.
The National Food Authority (NFA) has been urged to increase its buying price for rice to P18 so that local farmers will sell to the agency their harvest and address the shortage in supply of cheap rice.
Edillon said increasing the buying price is also unfair, as 2 million Filipino families depend on rice farming.
Some farmers from the Okavango region have threatened to stop selling cattle to Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) in Maun if it does not improve the buying price.
MANILA, Philippines The interagency National Food Authority has deferred discussions on a proposal to increase the buying price for unmilled rice or palay.
36% of the total delivery met the quality standard of grade 1, which has the highest buying price of P76.
Framers from the region of Delcevo have recently been protesting because local milk firms have lowered the buying price.
Execs Quiet on Rumors of Simmons First Buying Delta Trust Sources say buying price could be $63M,1.
In interbank market, the lowest buying price of one USD is 1.
Meanwhile, the spokesman Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan (ECAP) Naeem Uddin said buying price of dollar has crossed Rs 85 level and being sold at Rs 85.
The price for 1 cbm of gas is established of several components:- buying price of a natural gas, which constitutes 70% of the domestic gas price- gas transportation costs (transit through Kazakhstan) - 5%- transportation in Talas and Chui oblasts - 2%- losses (network wear-out), maintenance costs - 10%- construction of new gas pipelines - 5%.
Currently the price of LPG is Rp 3,864 per kg bought by distributor and Rp 4,250 paid by the end user including commercial users and households, as against the buying price of Pertamina of Rp 6,853 per kg.