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TO BUY. To purchase. Vide Sale.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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1st there was still no money, and Pickles was unable to buy a dog licence.
If it's settled, it's useless haggling; but if it's not," said Levin, "I'll buy the forest."
"I want you to buy five hundred shares from each of them.
And to think that poor old Geppetto sat at home in his shirt sleeves, shivering with cold, having sold his coat to buy that little book for his son!
And I shall most certainly buy a ketch, run her myself, and go recruiting on Malaita."
The right kind of horses was hard to buy, and, as he put it, it was like pulling a tooth to get a farmer to part with one, despite the fact that he had been authorized to increase the buying sum by as much as fifty dollars.
"Well, I've no objection to buy some of the best things," said Mrs.
She got me to buy a model of Canterbury Cathedral once, she was so insistent, and Porthos gave me his mind about it when we got home.
But we are absolute masters of the situation, and we are fair enough to buy Ward Valley on a rising market.
Money had no meaning to him now except what it would immediately buy. He was chartless and rudderless, and he had no port to make, while drifting involved the least living, and it was living that hurt.
I've been through the encyc1opaedia down to Y looking for something you can't buy with it; and I expect to have to take up the appendix next week.
Having bought a drink, he had waited for me to buy one.