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GROW Your Own is the new gardening buzz phrase - from easy cut-and-comeagain leaf salads to modern pot-ready grafted tomatoes for bumper crops on the patio.
Fast fashion became the new buzz phrase and it wasn't enough to be the place for flannelette nighties and sturdy knickers.
Labour's "social justice" is now a Tory buzz phrase too.
END OF my tether seems to be a buzz phrase of the moment along with 'fiscal stimulus' and Steve Bruce is in good company with Kevin Pietersen.
eC[pounds sterling]We have no idea on thiseC[yen] was the buzz phrase among Apple representatives yesterday when asked by 7DAYS about the availability of the iPhone 3G over here.
Hotel at home" style is a huge buzz phrase in interior design.
WHEREVER you go, the buzz phrase you hear at the moment is: "Cider is cool again.
It already holds the title of Beer Supermarket of the Year from the British Guild of Beer Writers, and was well-known for its local sourcing long before the term became a buzz phrase.
Barring a meltdown in the Big Apple, New Jersey should not see major trouble; however, I do share the cautious optimism that is the buzz phrase for 2001.
This kind of so-called `smartsourcing' - the latest industry buzz phrase - has seen specialists such as IBM come to the fore, keen to highlight the ability to manage IT initiatives on behalf of airports and airlines.
Having the cheapest or highest quality products is no longer the only thing that wins customers - "corporate citizenship" is now the buzz phrase.
COMPUTERS do not like Tony Blair's buzz phrase, the stakeholder economy.