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But while "local waters" could well become this year's buzz phrase, stopping shipments from Fiji isn't going to be the only mission on the lobbyists' bulging agenda.
The latest buzz phrase is "food print," the amount of land needed to supply one person's nutritional needs for a year.
The buzz phrase being blurted forth in fundraising circles and used liberally during the recent National Committee on Planned Giving conference is "mega gift.
WMD seems to be the new buzz phrase in Army language.
Helpfully, using the current buzz phrase, Mr Bowles also cites 'a couple of examples of structures which are not fit for purpose'.
JUST the beginning of August and already the buzz phrase is Back to School.
For example, community service is the new buzz phrase at Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd.
Universal service seems to be the buzz phrase among policy-makers on Capitol Hill and regulators at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
Recently, the buzz phrase, "information literacy" has given life to many philosophical issues within librarianship.
As a lifelong devotee of words, let me close by sharing with you one of the delights of my life, the Systematic Buzz Phrase Projector, which some say originated from the Royal Canadian Air Force.
SYDNEY "Local programming" -- that's the buzz phrase that consumed Oz programmers when readying 2002 schedules.