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Dubai: Many jobseekers dress up their online profiles and CVs with buzzwords in order to sound cool and hire-worthy.
Smart salespeople don't need buzzwords to impress clients, who are probably just as sick of hearing them as I am.
The first buzzword to offend Sudakow's ears early in his career was "glean".
While we all should be in harmonious synchronicity during this start-of-the-year mating dance, more often than not we instead become confused trying to understand the various buzzwords and catchphrases that each side of the negotiation throws at the other in order to impress.
Confession time: I saw this on someone else's list of marketing buzzwords.
Let's cut through the buzzwords to discuss key points businesses should consider when looking at outsourcing speech-enabled solutions for the first time or making changes to current arrangements.
Our annual buzzwords list demonstrates how UAE professionals are yet to fully utilize the LinkedIn platform to its maximum potential.
Career expert David Schwarz said using buzzwords not only makes your CV generic, but it can give the impression that you are trying to mislead your prospective employer.
He highlights how using jargon can distract from the task in hand and alienate an audience, using a mixture of laugh-out-loud humour and research on the escalating use of buzzwords and jargon.
And the best way to get on an editor's bad side is to load these headlines with irritating cliches or buzzwords.
If your profile is filled with buzzwords then you'll just blend in with the other millions of jobseekers.
KATE MIDDLETON has dethroned Lady Gaga as the top fashion buzzword for the upcoming season.