by custom

See: pro forma
References in classic literature ?
Even when a treatise on medicine or natural science is brought out in verse, the name of poet is by custom given to the author; and yet Homer and Empedocles have nothing in common but the metre, so that it would be right to call the one poet, the other physicist rather than poet.
Grave natures, led by custom, and therefore constant, are commonly loving husbands, as was said of Ulysses, vetulam suam praetulit immortalitati.
Color concentrate pellets are supplied for nearly all thermoplastics, either from standard colors in stock or by custom color matching.
The new data analysis and interpretation features provided by Custom APM Services extend and enhance the value of Keynote's benchmarking services and allow Keynote data to be used as vital operational and decision-making tools throughout the organization.
Celebrated by all the members of WCO, International Customs Day is a wonderful reminder of important role played by customs bodies in the world.
Suspect cargos are inspected by hand or electronically scanned by Customs officers.
Chicago attorney Edward Fox says he represents about 90 African American women--most of whom went through O'Hare--who allege their civil rights were violated by customs agents.
At the same time, Bentsen said, heroin seizures by Customs inspectors have increased from nine large seizures totaling 16 pounds in 1992, to 19 seizures totaling 59 pounds so far this fiscal year.
This investigation led to a currency seizure by Customs agents in Blaine, Wash.
PIRP will also lessen post-import requests for information by Customs.
In today's rapidly evolving global trade environment, where countries are more closely scrutinizing cross-border transactions, filing customs forms electronically significantly reduces clearance time as shipping information is received by Customs while a shipment is in-transit to destination.