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Al-Halqi, who was speaking during a meeting with chairman and members of Damascus and its Countryside Chamber of Industry board of directors, expressed trust that the Syrians will restore "Made in Syria" brand to its previous glamour by dint of the Syrian businessmen ad industrials' efforts.
I got to the front of the press crowd by dint of stepping on my male colleagues' feet - I'm afraid a lot of them felt the full force of my stiletto heels - Angela Rippon explains how she got the first interview with new Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher in 1975.
Dubai: By dint of its origin and track-record since, ITL-Cosmos has an indelible imprint in any history of Dubai's businesses.
Jerry famously remarked that his job for the Lions was made simple by dint of playing alongside the fastest prop who ever lived
ARSENAL may have a large and knowledgeable fan base but, by dint of having a fancy stadium in posh North London, they also attract some spectators who may not be there primarily for the football.
The men's and women's football teams qualified for 2012 by dint of host nation berths, but concerns over unifying the four home nations over the longer term meant GB's involvement was only ever billed as a one-off arrangement.
A panel of judges consisting of eminent computer scientists, IT experts and technology gurus have selected Tariq Malik for the said award by dint of his contribution in transforming NADRA from an identity card issuing authority to a profitable international business organization.
Secondly, the Welsh language, by dint of legislation at Westminster and Cardiff Bay, is an official language in Wales.
It makes good sense; after all, nurses are far and away the largest health workforce and by dint of that alone, the chief nurse should sit at the Ministry's top table," he said.
Richard Hannon also saddled three winners, but Hills took the prize by dint of also bagging a runner-up.
Thomas--a trophy wife herself by dint of her marriage to power attorney Skip Brittenham--writes about these women with a knowing, yet affectionate manner.
For the past few years, he has made a fortune as a personality in India by dint of learning a smattering of Hindi and singing in a band.