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SAHIWAL -- The disbandment of sales officers cadre in the State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan (SLIC) will immediately render 200,000 dedicated workforce jobless whereas the department [SLIC] earned Rs58 billion profit during the previous financial year by dint of the hard work of the sales staff.
In a statement, he said we had assumed the government in difficult situation but by dint of hard work these difficulties will be tided over.
He said the PTI had assumed the government in difficult situation but by dint of hard work those difficulties would be tided over.
other athletes who, by dint of physical struggle and heroic effort, were able to win medals for the country.
Was Patrick Rafferty of Tonypandy in a trance last June when the Conservatives won the election by dint of taking more seats than any other party - 56 more than Labour - and also polled a million more votes than Labour?
He said that several development projects were under way in Diamir by dint of efforts of the GB chief minister who had taken measures for resolving problems of people of the area.
He went on to say that the US gave the message to the world that it believes to run the world by dint of force.
The NTC said the auction would try to sell off a range of frequencies, including those returned to the government by dint of two merger agreeements in the last few years.
The book is replete with cases of Black mothers and fathers, who by dint of their own persistence and sacrifice ensured that their children had access to health care and education, thereby challenging contemporary stereotyping of Black parents as irresponsible and neglectful.
However, there still appears to be a section on winning hearts and minds by dint of staff reduction in periods of maximum demand.
Al-Halqi, who was speaking during a meeting with chairman and members of Damascus and its Countryside Chamber of Industry board of directors, expressed trust that the Syrians will restore "Made in Syria" brand to its previous glamour by dint of the Syrian businessmen ad industrials' efforts.
I got to the front of the press crowd by dint of stepping on my male colleagues' feet - I'm afraid a lot of them felt the full force of my stiletto heels - Angela Rippon explains how she got the first interview with new Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher in 1975.