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4 For a discussion of the general ethical issues surrounding the use of deception by law enforcement, see Jerome H.
This material, perhaps best known by its trademark Kevlar, weaved its way into the soft body armor worn by law enforcement personnel.
2) However, once the media acquires the information, the constitutional right to publish is virtually insurmountable,(3) and any attempt by law enforcement to prevent dissemination will be presumed invalid.
Constitutional and statutory principles impact on the hiring standards established by law enforcement agencies.
Soon, however, this cumbersome manual process used by law enforcement agencies to record crime data will be relegated to the annals of law enforcement history.
404 of December 15, 1976, whose content is provided by Law 10.
The LEXIS Electronic Authors Press is a new publisher of electronic casebooks authored by law professors for students to use with the LEXIS-NEXIS Student Office suite of software.